Lift your resume to the next level with the Rotterdam. Perfect for more casual and creative industries like marketing, design, media and even sales.

Deliberately enhanced to make an excellent first impression.
We have created this resume with a sleek, modern design to make it attractive to recruiters who are scanning through piles of resumes.

If you want to move forward with your career, then start here.
This resume creates an air of success that can open doors for you to get an interview.

It’s crucial to engage the recruiter immediately with an eye-catching resume. This is where the Rotterdam excels.

You have to make it an absolute pleasure for your employer when they see your resume. Not only does the Rotterdam do this, but it also brings a modern feel and charisma to your application.

With personal details, references and your social media channels all visible at first glance, you can demonstrate to your recruiter that your application is definitely worth an interview.
You can also show your work experience, education, and personal statement alongside for an additional benefit.

This can all be visible on the first page which puts you in the prime position so you instantly standout as a candidate with potential.

Elegant, and modern, it promotes your confidence. It is a chance to show you can think outside the box and have an eye for being creative. Perfect for a resume in the creative industries.

For a contemporary modern look, let this bold, sleek design, grab their attention.
Show them the best side of you, and that you are the candidate that they want.
This template is instantly recognisable when placed against traditional formatted resumes.

The spacious design has been carefully planned by our design team to get your resume past the first phase. Recruiters love well-formatted resumes and the Rotterdam certainly does this tremendously effectively.

Upgrade your resume and upgrade your career with the Rotterdam.

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